It all started in November of 2018 when the quest to change the way financial service businesses are handle in third world nation like Liberia. The huge traffic one would have to go thru to get access to quality financial and digital services had always been extremely difficult achieve. This gave rise to the birth of an idea to establish a local financial service business that will compete with the conventional banking system to ensure great customer services to the multitude of people who have accounts with those traditional banking institutions but find it difficult in getting their own money in full and in time.

The name SEMAS is an acronym of Sekou (our father) and Massa (our mother), SE an abbreviation of Sekou and MAS an abbreviation of Massa. It has always been our dream to address the needs of those underprivileged in getting their problems solved.

Owners: Fofee S. Kamara (CEO) and Fatima H. Knowlden (Co-owner)

Our Mission

We are committed in providing good customers service in the financial sector, digital marketing and other remittances.

Our Vision

We intend to be the biggest brand in the corporate financial and digital marketing system in Liberia.

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We are a financial Institution that handle your Money Transfer, Mobile Money, Small Loans and Needs.

Quality Products and Services

We are one of the best, reliable and quality financial institutions in Liberia; we are here to provide you with the best financial transaction.

High Quality

We are here to give you high quality products and services

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To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved, that's the reason we put our customers interestfirst.

Affordable Cost

Our services and products are all cheaper than any other services or products in and out of Montserrado County.


+231 886166085